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is our specialty. At MDW Advertising Solutions we have passion for what we do and creative minds that will provide you with an outside point of view. We have knowledgeable backgrounds, strategic planners, dynamic designers, quality production, effective media buyers, but most importantly we get you results while you take care of what you know best...YOUR BUSINESS!

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Account Services

We provide account services, media planning, creative services and agency management. We meet to discuss your brand's advertising objectives. We select the media that provides the best coverage of a campaign target market for the lowest cost. The creative team sets a creative direction for the campaign.

My philosophy is simple. Work Smart, have a passion for what you do, treat your clients business as if it were your own. I believe if ads cause an emotion they will remember you.

Please call me and I will at, no charge, do an evaluation of your business advertising plan and give you a detailed report.

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Agency Management

"We aim to build relationships and increase your business." Maria Diaz-Williamson, Owner
Office # 941- 875-9268
Cell # 941-380-3209
Email me @ maria@mdwadvertising.me
22454 Glass Lane,
Punta Gorda, Florida 33980

Social Media

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

A well developed social media strategy helps foster meaningful relationships and customers. MDW Advertising Solutions can help you with your social media strategy.


Today's website must not only present your products or services, it must engage and convert visitors to customers.

It must also engage and convert mobile and tablet customers.


Harmonic Image - The Videographer 15 or 30 second television commercials, high definition and graphic/photo commercials have always been one of the best ways to reach new customers.
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Harmonic Image - The Photographer Media photography, event photography or food photography can be an important component to your advertising campaign. Click here to view sample photography.

Graphic Artist

Our Graphic Artist can help with print production and preparing works for various publications and digitial formats. We'll help with your design, specifically for your brand's advertising objectives.

Harmonic Image

Harmonic Image partners with MDW Advertising to provide your business with all the resources, talent and experience to take your business to the top, achieving all your advertising goals. Click here to view a list of sample commercials.

MDW Advertising Solutions
Social Media

Social Media is important to any marketing campaign. MDW Advertising Solutions can help you implement a strategy that can increase your online visibility. We can create and deliver a unique strategy that can transform your online market.

Harmonic Image

Our team can provide you with still photography such as food photography, media photography and event photography. Click here to view samples from our partner photographer at Harmonic Image.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is crucial to the branding of any company. Our team can help you with your layout of design, specifically for your brand's advertising objectives. Click here for samples of graphic photo commercials.

  • We base our decisions on readership or audience data.

  • We create proposals in the form of storyboards or sketches.

  • We analyze market research statistics.

  • We provide you with insight into customers’ buying motives.

  • We research and plan campaign schedules and budgets.

  • Call us today to discuss your advertising objectives.